Jenna Petit-Keighley

Director - Marketing & Communications

For nearly 20 years, Jenna has helped companies spanning sectors like technology, finance, health and agriculture, build their brands, protect their reputations and boost their bottom lines through creative, integrated communications.

Jenna has designed and led campaigns that have driven engagement and delivered tangible business impact for clients such as GE Current, a Daintree company, Huawei, and John Deere. 

With broad experience across a range of marketing and communications disciplines, Jenna helps brands and individuals, spanning everything from large-scale, transformative technology that can help address climate change, to local community regeneration projects, advance their ideas and find their voices in a noisy world.

" We can’t all be the person to have that lightbulb moment where we know our idea can change the world, but you can be sure that I’ll be first in line to support those that do. In today’s business world, buzzwords like “purpose” and “purpose-driven” are swiftly being devalued but when you have an opportunity to truly be part of something that can effect real, lasting change in the lives of a community, and potentially create a new blueprint for other areas to escape economic decline, it gives us a rare opportunity to walk the talk. This is why I couldn’t miss the opportunity to be part of this team and on this journey. Every member of the organisation brings a unique set of skills and experience to the table and it’s this diversity of thinking and expertise that will make Dufftown: a New Dawn a success. "