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Truerlein Ltd is a new breed of socio-economic regeneration company, helping to disrupt and redefine the sector by taking a commercially-driven approach to delivering positive social change. We are a commercial company with a    purpose-driven profit model designed to generate local employment, education and business ownership that sets communities of a path to long-term prosperity.

Truerlein isn’t an easy company to categorise and that’s by design. Our team is made up of experts in sustainability, heritage, construction, hospitality, destination marketing, and more,  allowing us to take a 360-degree view of a challenge and design a holistic, long-term plan that explores every avenue for success.


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Our communities in areas of decline aren’t broken, they simply need the right support to get back on their feet. The best way to achieve this is to provide the right conditions and support for them to generate their own sustainable economic recovery, cementing long-term growth through upskilling of the local workforce and empowering residents to become active members of local enterprise.

We believe that many regeneration projects fail, not through lack of funding but due to a lack of vision and joined-up, big-picture thinking that identifies and addresses the individual conditions faced by a community, region or town as a whole.

We don’t bow to convention. We have the ambition, the skills and the drive to forge a new path that succeeds where others have failed. We’re setting out a new blueprint for sustainable, long-term regeneration; one that puts local communities at the heart of their own recovery in a way that supports wider Government objectives for 20-minute neighbourhoods. 

Our approach is unprecedented in its scale and ambition and as such, Dufftown: a New Dawn, the first implementation of our model that’s already generating positive local impact, has been proposed to Scottish Government as a

National Demonstration Project. 


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01340 820097 

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