Richard Gallicker

Director - Project Management & Logistics

With his calm, methodical approach to project management and meticulous attention to detail, Richard is responsible for the delivery of the individual projects that make up

Dufftown: a New Dawn. 

Thanks to his extensive experience of managing the planning, compliance and health & safety considerations of construction sites involving complex lifting and logistics, Richard is adept at ensuring the safe and successful achievement of project milestones, on time and to budget. 

Born and bred in Dufftown, Richard also brings extensive local industry contacts and knowledge that will help the team meet sustainability goals, supporting the regional economy and local tradespeople from Day One, as well as over the longer term.

" Dufftown is home. I was born in the local Stephen Hospital and spent my childhood exploring every corner of Dufftown and its surroundings. As the local photographer, my father chronicled life in Dufftown in the 60s, 70s and 80s. He shot weddings, local events and life in the region’s many distilleries. It’s a sad fact that Dufftown today is not what it once was. It’s still a special place for many of us but it’s a shadow of the place that I remember growing up in and that the boxes of photos and negatives in our loft depict. Those of us who remember how it was, know what Dufftown could be again. With the right support, the right strategy and the right execution, my children and grandchildren might yet discover the Dufftown that I loved, brought up to date for their generation, with the sense of community and economic opportunity that returns the town to its rightful place at the heart of Speyside. "