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Global Recycling Day: Our Commitment

Across the world businesses and communities now more than ever are realising the urgent need to build back better, stronger and more resilient. An inclusive and green recovery plan is vital if we are to create more robust economies and support a world in which people, planet and profit can thrive, both in the present and in the future.

At Truerlein we believe that now is the right time to come together and to give back to our Dufftown community.

From Day One, we knew that sustainability had to sit at the heart of our vision for Dufftown’s new dawn, not just because it’s the right thing to do but because it also makes strong economic sense. With this goal in mind, we worked closely with Leanne Hannah of ARMILA Sustainability to develop a sustainability framework for the project that was in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Scotland’s National Performance Framework.

All of our efforts are firmly focused on identifying opportunities and laying the sustainable foundations that are required to enable us to deliver inclusive growth at a community scale; creating a future where everyone benefits, a place where people want to be and doing it in a way that both protects and enhances the environment and surroundings that we love. We want to build a sustainable legacy that our local community can be proud of.

We recognise that we are only as resilient as the systems on which we depend, therefore we are consciously bringing purposeful meaning to our existence by committing to an approach that focuses on and prioritises local needs; stimulating our local economy, creating new training and employment opportunities and positively impacting on our local environment.

Our first step on this journey was the delivery of the Project Centre, located right in the heart of Dufftown. This is a unique space, where Truerlein will base its operations and where our community and partners are welcomed to learn more as projects progress. Our vision is to support a more circular and lower carbon economy, demonstrated through the responsible refurbishment and delivery of this first project – affirming our commitment to sustainable development within our local community. The location of the Project Centre was identified and purposely selected as one that presented the most sustainable option. Making use of an existing, accessible and functional facility that requires minimal alteration means that we have successfully mitigated environmental impact by significantly reducing the need for the use of virgin materials; minimising the predicted volume of construction waste generated; and lowering the overall carbon footprint of the development. We responsibly managed the project fit-out, with a clear commitment to:

  • Capture and complement the history of the local area;

  • Engage with local partners;

  • Optimise layout and internal use of space;

  • Reclaim, repurpose and reuse existing materials;

  • Source responsibly and locally; and

  • Minimise our environmental impact.

There is a real commitment and ambition to support inclusive and sustainable growth by partnering with, and unlocking the potential of, existing businesses and those living in the area. This will be delivered through direct involvement in the delivery of local projects, the creation and management of complementary business streams and the opportunity to upskill and support local trades and other services. For the Project Centre, local trades have been procured for the delivery of services, with the joinery and copper works being delivered by local tradespersons and the electrical sub-contractor team all located within an 8 mile radius of the town.

The vast majority of interiors are locally sourced. The use of reclaimed and repurposed timber from whisky barrels (from less than 100 meters from the Visitor Centre!) complements the character of the building and establishes an important link to the history of the area. All other furniture is reused or recycled.

Where there is a need for new materials and products to be sourced, we procured these to ambitious environmental performance standards and locally wherever possible. This minimises the environmental impact and overall carbon footprint of the development, whilst also supporting the local economy. All supply chains are required to consider the responsible sourcing and environmental impacts of products and materials that are procured for use, with preference given to those that are certified under credible schemes.

As a business, we at Truerlein are truly driven to do the best for our community and we’re proud to be governed by an ethically driven code of conduct that supports our local people, businesses and environment. Our promise to the Dufftown community is to continue to demonstrate socially responsible leadership and an uncompromising approach to sustainable development, whilst delivering truly transformative projects. We have just started on this journey, watch this space…

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